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Ancient Free Moorish Rite

Click on the links below to select your degree choices. First time (male) applicants must apply for Asiatic degree to begin and secure proper membership. Following PayPal activity, go to Applications Page to complete online process.

Preliminary Asiatic - Mu-wahid - OMS Nefertiti - Exalted Degree of Wali
    Mu'wahid Or O.M.S Nefertiti Degree
  (For O.M.S simply indicate in donation grid)
$136.00    U.S Currency

Asiatic Degree or Exalted Degree of Wali
 Donation  $136.00 Dollars U.S Currency 

All Degrees
Simply click on the Pay Pal link above to submit Suggested Asiatic Degree, Mu'wahid, OMS Nefertiti or Exalted Wali Degree, or Green Light Newark below, NJ (below) donation. Upon submission of your donation ($130.dollars- plus an additional six dollars to cover transaction fee) per Degree, you will receive a Pay Pal receipt number (invoice), return to Applications Page and type your Pay Pal receipt number in the required field on the application, then submit application by clicking the Enter button. Application will not process without receipt number. All degree donations are non-refundable. Your application, once submitted, will automatically register with the Moorish Rite, and you will thereupon receive an email from the Moorish Rite with an attachment of On Northward Sail or The Sacred Sail (OMS); the official organization manual/rituals. A section of each manual includes a self conducted initiation procedure for online petitioners.


You Are Now One Step Closer To Becoming A Member Of Our Esteemed Fraternity By Completing Your Full Online Petition Here. Before You Continue: You Understand And Pledge That You (Being a Male of 18+Years of Age) Submit Your Application And Donation On Your Own Initiative Without Force Or Persuasion. You Also Understand That All Information You Shall Hereafter Receive, Should Be Regarded By You As Exclusive And Select Information Of The Moorish Rite, Obtainable To You By Dint Of Your Online Petition And Acceptance Thereon
While we are fully aware that some applicants may have disingenuous motives and will apply only to perhaps steal a phrase or page or two from the information presented, share it with non-members, and have no real intention of staying the course; we are, however, relying on the integrity of those who truly desire to become Freemasons in the strictest sense of the word, to stay the course and benefit therefrom. Every eye sees and scorns the dishonest, the thief, and the slanderer. We welcome and applaud the honest; the sincere; the noble; the acquisitive; the student; the teacher; the Freemason and the God fearing. May you all apply with only the best of intentions and the most honest of motives.
Moreover, You Promise Not To Share Such Information With No One Not Also A Member Of The Ancient Free Moorish Rite. And You Do Herein Pledge That Your Initiative To Become A Moorish Rite Freemason And Learn About Moorish Rite Freemasonry Is Honest And That Your Involvement With Us Will Be Conducted With Integrity.






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